Pinch home concierge and lifestyle management

Helping Your Team Make Time For More

Let us take care of all personal home tasks for your employees, so they can thrive at work.

Well-being At Home And Work

We know how demanding it can be to balance household tasks with work commitments. And maintaining a healthy work-life balance is no easy feat for your employees. That’s why we’re here to help.

We address these challenges through a range of services for your employees, including trained manpower, housekeeping, concierge services, periodic at-home tasks, relocation services, and more.

With us, your workplace becomes more than just an office – it becomes a space where people thrive and bring their most authentic selves.


What You Get

Give your employees the gift of time with our Pinch subscription. With trained manpower, housekeeping, maintenance, meal planning, grocery management, wellness recommendations, out-of-home errands and experiences, we help them make the most of life.
Offer periodic at-home services like deep cleaning, home garden set-up, repairs & renovation projects, relocation assistance – all designed to simplify their lives.
Bring convenience to the workplace for your employees with services such as a daycare, restaurant, food delivery, and a concierge desk for out-of-office errands and reservations.
Provide a comfortable working environment with facility services like housekeeping, horticulture, sanitisation, security, pest control, waste management, preventive maintenance, engineering services and more.

Helping All Businesses Thrive, Regardless of Scale

Got Questions? Let Us Help.
Got Questions? Let Us Help

We understand you may have a few questions regarding our services.

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