Gardener On Demand


Elevate your home-garden with our Gardening on demand!

Whether you have a green thumb or just appreciate a well-tended garden, our professional gardeners are here to transform your outdoor oasis.

Schedule a session and watch your garden thrive effortlessly!


  • Garden cleanup: Remove dead leaves, plants, debris and litter from your garden area.
  • Planting: Planting new seedlings, flowers and plants of your choice.
  • Watering: Water your plants based on their seasonal requirements.
  • Pruning and trimming: Pruning all your plants overgrown branches and trimming your plants into shape.
  • Weeding: Removing unwanted weeds from flower beds, lawns and other garden areas.
  • Soil aeration: Aerating the soil to improve water and nutrient penetration.


  • Plants, planters and fertilisers: These are not included in this service charge. However, we can arrange them based on your requirements and shall be billed separately on actuals. 
  • Tools of the Trade: Our gardeners come fully equipped with high-quality tools and equipment, ensuring a thorough and efficient service.
  • Duration of service: Our packages include 1 hour of service per visit. Any additional service time beyond this shall be billed at Rs. 599/hour.
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One Time Visit, Twice A Month, Four Times A Month